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1. ABACA Rondo structure often used in the 4th movement
2. A:I BA:I (refrain), C ,ABA(refrain without repeats),C¹
08, 936, 3770, 71107 , 108140, 141172
3.Main section in tonic called the refrain, alternates with contrasting sections,
usually in related keys called episodes.
4.It is unusual in that the refrain gets shorter each time it appears, and that the
second episode in the tonic key.
5.Though used letters to represent the sections, themes in the sections are
closely related and sound very similar.
6.At the end of the B section(bar 28) there is an imperfect cadence which leads
you back to A section
7.The Adagio section (fragmented bits of opening motif. Change of tempo
1. The different sections are defined by the different keys
2.036E flat major, 3747 A flat major,4853Fminor, 5470E flat major,
71107E flat major and 141172E flat major
3.The key of the first episode is not established properly but F minor but no root
position chord to confirm the key.
1. Piece is based on two motifs x:upbeat1³ and y:11 beat 6
2. The x motif is seen 4 beat 65, it is transposed
3. The theme y is inverted bar 34 and then repeated to form the rising scale
in bar 6.
4. In bars 913 chromatic notes are added to both motifs and in bars 2224,
the middle note of motif x(bar 0¹1³) is shorted to produced playful slurred
quavers is then repeated to form the chromatic sequence in bars 2427.
5. Appoggiatura in bar 14 in the 1st violin part
6. Melody throughout is made from the melody in bars 12 the upbeat. There
are 3 elements that are repeated and varied throughout.
7. In bar 2427, there is an ascending sequence based on the first 3 notes of
the whole melody.
8. Arpeggiac melody in 120132 which is 1 of the only disjunct moments in
the main melody.
9. From the upbeat of bar 133, the main melodic motif is fragmented for
1. Mainly Melody dominated homophonic E.g. 076
2. Bar 4269 all strings except for violin 1 play crochet figure creating
3. From bar 7883, the 2nd violin plays a 3rd lower than the 1st violin in the
same rhythm so the upper 2 strings are playing homophonically and the lower
stings are too.
4. 7882,108110 1st +2nd violin, it is loosely homophonic.
5. 110115 all parts are imitative
6. 110115, inverted pedal in violin 1
7. 148 beat 6149 Chordal homophony, with an extra melody line in violin
8. Dense throughout particularly in Adagio section but the melody comes
outMel dom hom

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Because it is mel dom hom does not sound so dense compared to
something that has polyphony
1. Harmonic rhythm 18 2 chords per bar
2. The harmonic rhythm of the 2nd section of the refrain is slower than the first
with the harmony changing every 2 bars.
3. Harmonic rhythm:912 1chord per 2 bars,1722 1 chord per bar, 2328
static, 29 back to 2 chords per bar.
4. The dominant pedal in bars 1628 creates suspense.
5.…read more


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