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Fulfilling the election promises and The 1970 General Election
Wilson took a subtle approach and re-nationalised the steel industry 1967.
Labour had pledged that the private monopoly in steel would be replaced by public
ownership and control, so they fulfilled this promise.

Trade Unions
The public was in favour…

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NHS staff doubles.
The number of drugs available was proliferated ­ costs rose and the burden of the
NHS doubles between 1950 and 1970.
The share of expenditure taken by hospitals rose and the share given to GP's
Treatment remained free at point of delivery.
There was a…

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The devaluation crisis meant that there was pressure for further cuts which Healey
Roy Jenkins forced Healey to accept cancellation of another British aircraft, the F11.
Defence expenditure was to fall from 6% to 4% by 1971.
There was the decision to withdraw from Asia altogether and so British…

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Heath won the election for the Conservatives as the Conservatives gained a majority
of 30 seats.


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