Alec Douglas-Home and Harold Wilson: what were they like?

what was alec-douglas home like? and what was Harold Wilson like?

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What was Alec Douglas-Home like?

  • The son of the 13th Earl of Home, bord in London in 1903.
  • Very osh- name pronounced 'H-you-m', educated at Eton and also in Oxford.
  • Joined the Conservative party and elected to house of Commons in 1931 election.
  • He served as parliamentary private secretary fror Neville Chamerlain and was also ainvolved in negotiations between Mussolini and Hitler.
  • During 2nd WW, he spent a long time in hospital due to perations on his spine. He lost his seat in the 1945 general election but returned to the house of commons in 1950.
  • Became 14th Earl of Home in 1951, the same year that Churchill appointed him minister of State at the Scottish office and held the post for six years before Anthony Eden made him Commonwealth releations secretary, Lord President of the founcil and foreign secretary.
  • Also during this time he was leader of the houe of lords.
  • When Macmillan resigned in sixty three, the Earl of Home became prime minister. He immediately gave up his peerage.
  • He wasn't even elected. He was chosen by prominent members of parliament.
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Harold Wilson: What was he like?

  • Not posh, from UP North, Huddersfield
  • House of Commons 43
  • 47 made president of board of trade
  • was a Bevanite, on left hand side.
  • Resigned when perscription charges made in 51.
  • Promised to modernise Britain-reasonably succesfful
  • was made prime minister by election 64.
  • Pulled away from \home in opinion polls.
  • Played on emphasis on him being the straight talking Yorkshire man and Home as out-of-touch aristocrat.
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