Group Display as an Adaptive Response Essay Plan

Here's an essay plan on the subject of group display as an adaptive response. Use it if you want, I chose these studies/explanations as they had the most information to write about. When writing essays in psych remember about breadth and dept, 200 words approx for AO1 and 400 approx for AO2/3.

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Group Display as an Adaptive Response Essay Plan

1. Describe in detail Lynch mobs- Myrdal claims that the key cause of lynching in the US was fear
of the Negro, leading to white mobs turning to "lynch law" as a means of social control. Of all
documented cases, three quarters…

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8. Critical Point 5: Group display appears to fit in with one of the key theories for aggression
within groups, deindividuation. Mullen found that as the lynch mob grew in size, the lynchers
became more deindividuated (less self-attentive) leading to a breakdown in normal
self-regulation processes, which led to an…


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