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Parasocial relationships are when an Individuals develop interest in Attraction to Creative Individuals
individual is attracted to another celebrities due to lack of Humans possess a love on novelty-neophilia. For
individual, usually a celebrity, but the meaningful relationships within females choosing a mate, leads to demand for
target is unaware of the existence of their lives and attempt to ever-more creative displays of mating courtships.
the person and so in one-sided. escape mundane reality. Interest Explains many characteristics such as humour and
Common among celebrities and fans, in celebrity perceived as attempt music are universal and admired today. We are
appealing to fans as few demands to gain a more positive draw and attracted to these creative individuals-
and doesn't have to fear rejection as self-identity and feel celebs nowadays. Form of sexual selection-favour
they might real relationships. self-fulfilled. Interest can be individuals prone to creativity and fantasy. Celebs
Meta-analysis Shiappa, parasocial addictive, go base just represent this world of fantasy. Attracted as
most likely to form with TV celebs attraction. Need for more associated with it.
who attractive and similar and involvement- extreme Shiaraishi- found enzyme correlated to
believable characters. behaviours novelty-seeking tendencies. Different variations of
Some researchers suggested Giles Maltby- 3 levels of enzyme, one-significantly associated with higher
adolescence was a predictor of attraction of celebrities scores of novelty-seeking. Suggests genetic origin
parasocial relationship, Shiappa- age Enterntainment social- attracted for neophilia.
wasn't predictor perceived ability to entertain Fails to explain why attractive to creative people.
Some suggested para formed otu Intense-personal- compulsive Preferences because find attractive because
of loneliness. Shiappa found obsessive tendencies creative- not adequate adaptive response.
loneliness wasn't a predictor Borderline-pathological-uncontr Females attracted to males with most complex
Sood-people more likely to engage ollable feelings bird songs
when socially activated and Kaminer- love for pop star or Duck- often boredom is cause of relationships
motivated. athletes compensates for lack breaking up- prevents this so is reproductive
Para have social benefits-model of romantic relationship success.
social behaviour and importance of : Maltby EPQ- personality and Celebrity Gossip
cultural values. levels of celeb attraction. Exchanging information essential in prehistoric
Poor role models, or can lead to Entertainment social- positive times- find food, mate, compete. Gossip- helps
neg consequences for fan. Link interaction, other poor mental form alliances, manipulate reputations of rivals. As
between eating disorder. Maltby If health celebs so familiar-regard media characters as part
r'ship is with good body shape, slim- Cultural bias- Western of our in-group so trigger same gossip mechanisms
worse body image of them, research DeBaker surveyed over 800PP's and reported
predispose eating disorder. Methodological, self-report gossip useful of acquiring info and media exposure
PP's with low self-esteem strong predictor of interest in celebrity. Media
increased self-esteem after writing exposure-celebs part of social network.
essay on favourite celeb-positive Fox- gossip about celebs involves treating as
implications. members of social group
Doesn't explain why women more prone to
gossip ­ majority of gossip magazine readers
Homosexual bias- homosexuals attracted to
celebrities also even though no reproductive


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