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Discuss Gibson's theory of perception (24)

Based on the theory that there is sufficient information in the sensory (visual) stimulus to allow us
to make sense of our environment without the involvement of stored knowledge.
Gibson believes the pattern of light reaching the eye can be thought of as…

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towards the object. If the participant just used optic flow they should be misled and miss the
object. However, the participant walked in a curved line to the object.
This research suggests people do not use optic flow information but instead have stored
knowledge that tells them they need to…

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Discuss Gibson's theory of perception (24)


Gregory argues that what we perceive is constructed from our own interpretations of the
incoming visual information.
Our interpretations are affected by past knowledge, the expectations we have, the
motivation/emotions we feel and the context this all happens in.
The incoming visual information…

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Gregory's theory is holistic as it includes everything in its explanations ­ i.e. different
experiences, culture, context and expectations and the effect they have on perception.
This means the theory is also idiographic as it takes into account every individuals different
perceptions because of the different events and knowledge that…


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