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By Amy-Leigh Storey…read more

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· The greens are primarily an Ecological Party concerned with
promoting a sustainable way of life, conservation of the earths capital
and increasing reliance on resources of which can be renewed and/or
· There manifesto is broadly left wing in tone.
· One of the oldest Green Political Parties in the world and has been
campaigning for social and environmental justice for more than
· Founded in 1973 as `People party' by Tony Wittaker, became the
`Ecology party' shortly afterwards and finally changed there name to
the `Green Party' in 85'. More recently the party again changed its
name to the `Green Party of England and Wales' which was changed in
1990.…read more

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The Main People Involved...
Leader of the Party: European Parliament:
Caroline Lucas Caroline Lucas & Jean Lambert
Deputy Leader: London Assembly:
Adrian Ramsay Darren Johnston & Jenny Jones…read more

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Key Policies....
· Free Insulation: Greens are working for universal free insulation, not
means-testing. In Yorkshire, Green Councilors have made sure that
40,000 people will get warmer, cheaper-to-run homes for absolutely
· A Living Wage: Greens all over the country are campaigning hard so
that millions of the lowest paid workers in Britain get a decent wage -
and we really are making a difference.
· Green Energy For All: Lots of us would love to declare independence
from electricity bills we just need a little help. The Green's are working
to get people low cost loans to generate your own renewable energy.
· Safer Streets: Cars travelling at 20MPH are less likely to 60% fewer
people, kill fewer of those they do hit and don't scare kids too much
that there afraid to play outside. "Lets make our streets fit for those
people again!"…read more

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Key Policies Continued...
· Affordable Homes: Green councilors are working to change local
plans so that more of the homes that are built are genuinely affordable
for working people. And we're fighting to get the UK's 700,000 empty
homes back into use.
· Free School Meals: At a time when the health of our children is cause
for mounting concern, we want our kids to know what good food is
and at least once a day, sit down to a proper balanced meal. So the
Green Party is working to provide free, healthy lunches to every
school pupil.
They have many other policy areas but these are the main ones of which
they focus mainly on. They have other policies in all these areas:
Democracy and Liberty, Economy and Public Services, Education and
Young people, Environment and Animal Welfare, Equalities, Farming,
fishing and food, Health, Housing and communities, international
issues, Peace and defense etc, for the full list go to -http://www.…read more

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Election History & Outcomes
· Achieved its highest ever UK General Election Results in the 05'
election, with a total of 281,780 votes. During this election Keith Taylor
received 22% of the votes in Brighton Pavillion.
· In Brighton Pavillion consituency the Greens hold more council seats
than any other party (9 to labours 5 and the tories' 6).
· Currently has record local candidate numbers and high electoral
After the London Elections in 2008 the Green Party has:
· More than 100 parish councillors.
· 120 Principal authority councillors ­ one principal authority councillor
sits on Borough, District and County councils all over England and
· 2 Members of the London Assembly.
· 2 Members of the European Parliament.…read more

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