Party Systems

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Single Party

  • only one party puts up candidates for election
  • e.g. Nazi Germany and North Korea
  • Type A - ruling status of party is enshrined in a constitution - political opposition is banned - Soviet Russia
  • Type B - originate from broader independence movements - other partiues stand for election but cant take over leadership - Zimbabwe and Ghana
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Two Party

  • two parties dominate - e.g. UK and US
  • Other parties exist but dont really stand a chance
  • For the system to work, one of the parties has to win a working majority and be able to govern alone
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  • More than two parties have an impact on national political life - e.g. Germany
  • Uk is evolving into a multi party system with rise of parties such as UKIP, SNP and the Greens
  • 2015 - UKIP won 12.5% of the popular vote with SNP winning 56 seats
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Dominant Party

  • within the political  structure, a party can become dominant to such an extent that electoral victory over a prolonged period of time is considered a formality
  • Conservative - 1979-1992 - Thatcher
  • Labour - 1997-2010 - Blair + Brown
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