Differences and similarities between Pressure groups and Political Parties

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  • Difference between PGs and Political Parties
    • Things in common:
      • They are representative (voice of the people).
      • They both facilitate political participation.
      • They both contribute to the political process.
      • They may have narrow issue focus.
        • UKIP have a single issue: withdrawal from the EU.
        • BNP concerned with race and immigration.
        • The Green Party concerned with the environmental issues, like Greenpeace.
      • They may form part of larger social movements (large group of people who share beliefs).
        • The Labour movement= the Labour party & trade unions.
        • Green movement= the Green Party & Greenpeace etc.
      • Using elections as a tactical weapon.
        • Some PGs that put candidates forward for election is a party, but has no expectation of winning.
          • Legalise Cannabis Alliance contested 21 constituencies in the 2005 election, but deregistered a party.
    • Difference
      • A political party has more influence, and chance to become the govt.
        • Whereas a PG doesn't have as much power over the country as they can't make or change legislation.


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