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Green crime

Halsey noted in 2004 that the scope of ecological problems had widened vastly over the
course of the last century ­ half of the world's wetlands had been lost as had half of the
world's forests to deforestation, around 9% of tree species were facing extinction and that…

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environmental harm as part and parcel with the ideology of sustainable development which
views the tackling of environmental problems as inseparable with the desire for ever greater
economic growth which is seen as paramount for richer countries to maintain their high
standards of living for the majority of their populations…

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Beck rejects the notion that the lack of sociological thinking with regard to environmental
issues is down the influence of large corporations by arguing that it has not been focused on
by the social sciences because it has academic interest has largely been confined to the
natural sciences by focusing…

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in the face of resistance to deforestation. Day states however that the case of Rainbow
Warrior was unusual because it became widespread public knowledge and that this is not
the case with many examples of state violence against environmentalists, its prominence in
the public sphere its likely due to the…


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