Green Crime

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  • Green Crime
    • Traditional Marxism
      • Manipulation of values can be illustrated by Union Carbide disaster and Chernobyl disaster
        • Such events lead to the spread of airborne toxins which had terrible effects on health
        • More recently the BP Deep Water Horizon explosion/oil spill can show how selective law enforcement fails to control environmentally damaging substances.
    • Green Criminology
      • Whyte believes criminology should revolve around damage to humans or the environment rather than if a law is broken or not.
      • Laws on green crime are different for different countries and means that they are situational crimes.
      • The powerful ins society are able to define what a green crime is and isn't based on their own interests.
        • States favour an anthropocentric view, this contrasts with the ecocentric view of green criminologists.
      • + Recognises the growing harm being inflicted on the environment.
    • Postmodernism
      • Technological improvements leading to technical development has created "new manufacture risks"
      • Industrial manufacturing may lead to pollution from factories but also increase effects of global warming.
    • Links
      • there are links between green crime and crimes of the powerful
      • crime of the state and green crime are linked
      • significant feature of global crime


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