Green Crime

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  • Green Crime
    • Definition
      • Green/ environmental crime are against the environment
      • Threats to the eco-system are increasingly global rather then local
      • Nuclear industries spread its chemicals into the air which can travel several miles, affecting people in different areas
    • Global risk society and the environment
      • Beck : improvements on technology has created new "manufactured risks"
        • Many of these risks involve harm to the environment and humanity
          • For example:  Global warming caused by excess greenhouse gas created by industrious
    • Green Criminology
      • Takes a more radical approach then traditional criminology
      • White believes that criminology should relate to harm of the the environment or humans rather than if a law has been broken or not
        • It is a from of transitiveness criminology
          • Laws on green crime is different for different countries therefore a crime in one country may not a crime in another country
            • This makes green crime situation
            • The powerful, especially states are able to define what is a green crime and what isn't based on there own interest
              • There are no global environmental laws which is where it falls down
      • Two views of harm
        • Anthropocentric view sees human as having a right to demonstrate nature . States favor this
        • Ecocentric view sees humans and environment as interdependent. Favored by green criminology
    • Types of crime
      • Primary crimes : crimes that result from the destruction of earths sources
      • Secondary crime : crimes that grow out of the paths of preventing or regulating environmental crimes
    • Evaluation
      • Recognizes the growing harm being inflicted on the environment
      • Focuses too much on border context of environment harm rather than green crime, which doubts the aims of the studies
      • Critiques argue that this matter cannot be discussed objectively as it is about morals and values


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