Green, Environmental and Eco-Crime

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  • Green Environment and Eco-crime
    • South
      • He argues some actions that are legal should be seen as environmental crime as well as those that are illegal
        • This is seen through 2 frameworks; Primary and Law breaking environmental crimes
      • Primary environmental crime
        • Crimes that are currently legal under international law
          • Because of the extent of the environmental damage they are called 'enviromentalissues'
          • These include issues like...
            • Air and Water pollution
            • Deforestation
            • Species decline
      • Environmental law breaking
        • Actions that are already illegal under international laws but the laws may not be enforced
          • These included issues like...
            • Dumping of hazardous
              • The dumping of toxic waste/rubbish in the ivory coast
            • Unauthorised pollution through discharge of wastes
    • Global Risk Society
      • Beck
      • We now live in a 'Global Risk Society where human-made threats include massive environmental damage
      • Green criminology is crime that damages the environment.
      • State crimes include genocide, war crimes and torture.
        • The state has the power to commit massive human right abuses
    • Traditional Criminology
      • Situ and Emmons
        • An environment crime is an unauthorised act or omissions that violates the law
      • It looks at the patterns and causes of law-breaking.
        • If an issue such as pollution is legal then criminology shouldn't get involved
        • With a clear subject matter
    • Contemporary Criminology
      • Takes the idea of harm rather than criminal law
        • As laws differ from country to country
      • It is transgressive as it oversteps the boundaries of traditional criminology to new issues
      • White
        • criminology is anything that causes physical harm to the environment and/or the human and non-human inhabitants, even if no law is broken.
    • Views on Harm
      • Anthropocent
        • humans have a right to dominate the environment, and put economic growth before the environment
        • Nation state and TNC
          • Adopted the Anthropocentric/ human-centred view of enviromental harm
      • Eco-centric
        • humans and the environment are independent so the  environmental harm hurts humans too
        • Humans and environment  are liable to exploitation particularly by capitalism
    • Primary & secondary green Crimes
      • Primary
        • Air pollution
        • Decline in species and animal rights
        • Water pollutions
        • Deforestation
      • Secondary
        • Crimes that come out of conflict between humans and the environment
          • Although not defined as the harm to the environment
        • Roles of smuggling hazardous waste
        • roles of the state and police in policing of environmental activism/ protest


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