Abbreviations and Acronyms - Graphics GCSE edecxel

These are some abbreviations and acronyms that you might need to know for the graphics gcse exam. I hope it is useful!

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Abbreviations/Acronyms - Graphics
HDTV High definition television
PVC Polyvinyl Chloride
PP Polypropene Terephthalate
PET Polyethylene
CAD Computer-aided design
CAM Computer-aided manufacturing
EPD Electronic paper display (e-paper)
LCD's Liquid crystal displays
PVA Polyvinyl acetate
MDF Medium density fibreboard
EPS Expanded Polystyrene
PS Polystyrene
HIPS High impact polystyrene
DTP Desktop publishing
EPOS Electronic-point-of-sale
VDP Variable data printing
PAN Personal are network
VPN Virtual are network


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