Government and Politics AS Unit 1: Democracy and Political Participation revision notes complete

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Unit 1: Democracy and Political Participation
Democracy: `rule by the people' ­ Athens 508 BC

Sovereignty: principle of absolute and unlimited power- supreme legal authority (legal sovereignty)
on unchangeable political authority (political sovereignty.)

Direct Democracy: people make fundamental decisions for themselves. Rule BY the people

Unmediated will of…

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Parliamentary Democracy: one way to organize a representative democracy

1. The public are represented by Parliament, via Elections
2. The Government is drawn from parliament (rather than being directly elected by the public)
3. Government is held accountable by Parliament.

Liberal Democracy: attempts to combine a representative democracy with the…

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Parliament The legislative branch, bi-cameral
House of Commons (650 MPs)
House of Lords (life peers, hereditary peers and Lords spiritual
Pressure Groups Wide ranch who try to represent people's views.
Promotional Groups and Sectional Groups
Elitist Vs Pluralist views
Referendums An opportunity for the electorate to vote directly on a…

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elected regional
Wales 2011 Extending the law Yes by 63.5% Constitutional
making powers of issues
the National
assembly of
UK 2011 Should the FPTP No by 67.9% Constitutional
system be issues- coalition
changed to AV? govt split.

Political Participation in the UK

What ways is participation possible?


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Joining Pressure No. members Cause group Sectional group
Groups membership has membership has fallen.
soared e.g. RSPB now E.g. Trade Unions from
has over 1 million 1979
E-petitions No. Signatures Official gov. New in Example of slacktivism
2011, by Sept- 7000 Avaaz rallies mass
petitions outrage on the

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Devolutions Brings decision closer Power isn't spread
to the people equally across the UK
`West Loathian

EU Parlt. Elected by very Turnout for elections
proportional system very low.
UL only control 72/754
Real power lies with
the Council of
Minister's not the EU

How can it be…

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C/A Minor constitutional changes see less important
than much more social legislation, but we don't
normally put the latter into a referendum.

Point Explanation Advantages Disadvantages
Compulsory Problems with turnout are Increased participation Not democratic to
Voting prompting this discussion. Encourage public to remain force people to vote
Australia, Spain,…

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would make society more account prisoners needs face punishment in
democratic e.g. when they are released, jail. Part of that
job prospects etc.. punishment is losing
Rehabilitation: Part of the the vote
point of prison is to Prisoners are outlaws-
rehabilitate inmates as they have out
law-abiding members of themselves…


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