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Unit 1 Politics
Revision Cards
By Gabby Tracey…read more

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The legislative body of the country.
In the UK it is made up of the House
of Lords and the House of
It is where the decisions are made
for the country.…read more

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The transfer of power from a central
government to a local government.
An example of this is the Scottish
and Welsh assembly.…read more

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The degree to which a state/government
or individual has the right to exercise
An example of less legitimacy is through
some election systems governments can
not claim to have a majority of the voters
supporting them. eg. FPTP.…read more

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A means of direct democracy.
Commonly held to address
constitutional or moral issues eg.
Scottish or welsh devolution.
For example, 2011 a referendum
was held as to whether the voting
system for the UK should be
changed, and was voted against.…read more

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Participation in Elections
Since 1959 voter turnouts have
The lowest turn out in a General
Election since 1945 was 2001.
In the Feltham by election on Dec
15th 2011 the turn out was 28%!…read more

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