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Helpful way to
remember the
events that took
GERMANY 1918-1923 place in Germany
throughout this time
<period.<…read more

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Remember this:
PIECE OF CAKE…read more

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HUMBLED- Germany's problems after WW1 1918-19
Humiliation-Germans had thought that defeat was impossible.
Unable to feed herself- the blockade put up by the allies was starving Germany.
Myth- stab in the back myth- the belief that Germany had not been beaten on the battlefield but by
the Jewish politicians at home.
Broke- Germany borrowed heavily to fight the war, now she had to pay it all back.
Loss of work force-so many dead and injured men from the war.
End of monarchy- the Kaisers flees to Holland
Diktat- the dictated peace, aka the Treaty of Versailles adds to Germanys problems…read more

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LAMB- terms of the Treaty of Versailles
Land lost- polish corridor/Alsace Lorraine/Sudetenland/colonies/rhine
Army- reduced to 100,00 men, 6 battleships and no tanks, airplanes or
submarines allowed.
Money-had to pay £6,600 million in reparations
Blame- war guilt clause 231= Germany blamed for starting WW1 and
all the damage it caused.…read more

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FEARS- Germany
Freikorps- violent ultra right wing ex-soldiers who terrorized the major cities in
private armies.
Ebert- socialist President of the democratic Weimar Republic.
Assassinations- 35,600 political murders from 1919-1922
Right wing PUTCHES - Kapp Putsch (1920) and Hitler's Beer Hall Putsch (1923)
Socialist REVOLUTIONS - Spartacists (1919) and the red army of the Ruhr (1920)…read more

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In 1923 all the stresses and the strains that Germany was suffering came to a
head and caused massive upheaval.
While the year was especially grim it marks a turning point in Weimar's
Over the next 6 years, after the low point of 1923, things did begin to slowly
improve for both Germany and for ordinary Germans.…read more

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