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Urbanisation Questions
· What does Urbanisation mean? (2)
· Why do people move to urban areas in LEDC's?
· Describe some challenges that urban growth has
created in LEDC's. Use Fig 9 and your own
knowledge. (6)
· Explain how living conditions in LEDC's are being
improved. Use examples you have studied. (5)
· Explain how urban areas in LEDC's provide
opportunities for economic development. (6)…read more

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Urban Deprivation and Redevelopment
· Study Fig 11 which shows an urban area before and after an
improvement scheme. Give four ways in which the area has
changed. (4)
· Suggest two ways the local improvement scheme shown in Fig 11
has provided more job opportunities for local people. (4)
· Study Fig 12 about an urban redevelopment project. Explain how
the Greenways Eco-Village development will help reduce the
number of car journeys into the city centre. (5)
· Explain why the Greenways eco village is an example sustainable
urban planning. (5)
· Study Fig 6 about a new settlement being built in Devon. Explain
how planners are trying to ensure that Sherford is a sustainable
settlement. (8)…read more

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Urban Hazards
· Suggest two reasons why parts of
Shrewsbury are at risk of flooding.
Use evidence from the map extract
Fig 7. (4)
· Explain how the effects of natural
hazards in urban areas can be
reduced. Use examples you have
studied. (5)…read more

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Urban Traffic and Transport
· Suggest one reason why traffic
congestion is a problem in
Shrewsbury town centre. Use
evidence from the map extract Fig 7.
· Explain how traffic congestion could
be reduced in town centres. Use
examples you have studied. (6)…read more


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