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Urbanisation Questions
· Why do people move to urban areas in
LEDC's? (6)
· Describe two challenges created by urban
growth in LEDC's. (4)
· Explain how urban growth benefits the
local economy in an LEDC. (5)
· Explain how living conditions in LEDC's are
being improved. Use examples you have
studied. (6)…read more

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Urban Deprivation and Redevelopment
· Explain how the data in Fig 8 suggests that the survey area
is one of the more disadvantaged areas of London. (4)
· Suggest how the improvement scheme in Fig 9 has:
­ Improved employment prospects in the local area (2)
­ Improved the local environment (2)
· Study Fig 10 about an urban redevelopment project.
Explain how the Greenways Eco-Village development will
help reduce the number of car journeys into the city centre.
· Explain how eco-settlements aree examples of sustainable
urban planning. Use examples you have studied. (8)
· Study Fig 6 about a new settlement being built in Devon.
Explain how planners are trying to ensure that Sherford is a
sustainable settlement. (8)…read more

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A `Green Community Settlement' for Devon
The United Kingdom's `greenest' eco-town is being built to the east of Plymouth, in Devon. This
community, called Sherford, will be a community settlement with schools, a health centre and a public
park. It will have a traditional town centre with a wide, tree-lined high street. All the residential,
shopping and business areas will be within walking distance of each other, and part of the town centre
will be pedestrianised to separate people from traffic. Nearly 80% of all buildings will be fitted with
solar panels. Wind turbines will also be used to supply electricity. These methods will make the town
more carbon neutral. All waste from the town, including water and sewage, will be recycled. The aim is
to create a self-sufficient town that does not damage the environment. Careful urban management will
help to make this possible.…read more

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Urban Hazards
· Suggest why parts of Shrewsbury are
at risk of flooding. Use evidence from
the map extract Fig 5. (4)
· Explain how planning can reduce the
effects of natural hazards in urban
areas. (6)…read more

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Urban Traffic and Transport
· Suggest why traffic congestion is a
problem in Shrewsbury town centre.
Use evidence from the map extract
Fig 5. (4)
· Explain how the development of
public transport is reducing traffic
pressures in urban areas. Use
examples you have studied. (6)…read more


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