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Geograthy Urban Tourism
Key idea 1 specialized holidays:
Tourism that has become increasingly varied and global industry ie how it helps the economy of a case study
Package holidays grew quicker between 1950's and 1960's. this opened up cheaper foreign holidays.
Increasing number of people are taking long haul holidays, eg African safaris
Case study
2012 London Olymics
Tour companies such as Thomas cook who are selling short term pack holidays to the games to be watched.
Benefits Economically
100's new jobs created jobs and training; new improved transport links to London and Europe for
employment trade.
Visitors to London will bring revenue to the uk from their spending on food and transport.
Social benefits:
New areas such as shops
Environmental benefits:
Canals, rivers cleaned to allow wildlife to return:
Wetland and habitats restored: trees planted in the Olymic Park, land scape improved:
Key idea 2 Environmental opportunities offered by 2 contrasting location medc
Bnidorm, Spain-- Primary resources, Hot summer, long sandy beaches
Secondary resources ­ to replace the decline of the fishing industry, hotels' bars and resurants were
built to promote tourism.
As tourism become over- developed tourism numbers droped. New facilities were built to attract again
such as theme parks, many water parks, marine wildlife park, and golf. Benidorm still revies 4 million
visitors a year spending around 500,000 an hour- benefit to Spain economy

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Maasai mara Nation park Kenya
Primary resources- tropical climate with high temperature, large ranges of wildlife including the `' big
five `' customs and traditions of maasai mari tribal people such as crafts and dances
Secondary recourses: facilities such as safari holidays such as safari guilds, minibuses and hot air balloon
flights; accommodation in form of hotels, lodges and eco
The demand for long-haul tourism to unique destinations is growing as a result of advertising
Key idea 3
How tourism benefits a developed country:…read more

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Environmental benefits: the wildlife is protected from poaching as armed game wardens patrol the
area.…read more

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The culture of Mombasa has become submerged under western tourist's culture.
C) Conflicts at the Lake district
- the lake district is a place of specula beauty. With a population of 42,000 people and receives over 12
million visitors every year
Conflicts____ between many visitors
Many visitors want peace and quiet. And to enjoy the wildlife, however some want active nosier pursiots
such as skiing on the lakes which directly sets a conflict to fishes.
Walking and biking on the mountain cause footpath erosion.…read more

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Soil erosion is causing vegetation leading to animals to migrate away form game reserves.
Drivers getting to close to animals are effecting the mating patterns of animals such as lions
Litter such as battery are eaten by wild animals leading to death,
Mombasa coast :
Tourist damage coral reef by scuba driving in the Indian ocean, anchors from tourist boats damge coral,
leads to coral bleaching.…read more

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Food is kept cold…read more

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