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(1) Energy Security

Case Study Country Summary
Energy Crisis USA Oil being consumed rapidly by the
large population, but it's own
personal supply is thinning, so if the
price rises it threatens the economy
by making everything else more
expensive. It's consumption is huge ­
almost 25% of world supplies…

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people have a bad perception about
the use of nuclear power
Micro-hydro projects Kenya 96% of the Kenyan population have
no access to electricity and families
spent at least 1/3 of income on
kerosene for lighting and diesel for
milling grain. Women's role ­ hours
collecting wood and dung etc.…

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natural gas, provided 4% of UK's gas
likely to increase, 80% to Western
Europe. Employment opportunities
(432000 people in 2006)
UN Law of the Sea Convention Arctic The 8 Arctic States are allowed to
exploit offshore resources within 200
natural miles of their territory. Russia's
tried to extend their territory…

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Renewable Energy New Zealand New Zealand aims to get 90% of its
electricity from renewable sources by
2025, having achieved 70% by 2007
Decentralising energy generation Woking By decentralising energy generation
and developing local generators and
energy efficiency measures, they
hope to cut CO2 emissions by 82% and
energy consumption…

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(2) Water Conflicts

Case study Country Summary
UN World Water Development n/a Warned the balance between human demand
Report and the availability of water was at a
precarious point.
World Water Forum n/a In 2000, water security was established as a
key issue for the 21st century. The QOL

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Euphrates which is strongly opposed by Syria
and Iraq
Water Conflicts India & Bangladesh A series of dams to divert water into
irrigation systems and many of India's
megacities use the river to carry wastewater
and industrial sources ­ Bangladesh the loser
deprived of much-needed water and suffers
effects of…

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as climate changes, international
conflict over Farakka dam,
groundwater polluted by arsenic,
river floods increase & saltwater
The Three Gorges Project China World's largest hydroelectric scheme. China's
current reliance on coal-fired power stations
(70%), HEP is much cleaner which could
support rapid industrial growth.
Saving 50million tonnes of…

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(3) Biodiversity Under Threat

Case Study Country Summary
The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Arctic / Northern Alaska Vast, wild, unspoilt and pristine place
(ANWR) that's known as America's Serengeti
because it's the most biologically
diverse Arctic region. 1.5million acres
of Coastal plain are not protected as
Wilderness like the other…

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endemic plant and reptile species. The
western swamp turtle is one of the
most threatened freshwater turtle
species in the world. Threats include:
agricultural expansion, development
of oil refineries on the coast and the
introduction of alien species
Atlantic Forest Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina 20,000 plant species and 950 species…

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and to the benefit of all life on Earth".
Targeted response options discussed.
Positive outcomes:
Protected area coverage
doubled over the last 20 yrs;
terrestrial protection now
covers over 12% of the
Earth's land surface
Water quality in rivers in
Europe, N.America and Latin
America has improved since



this is amazing thank you, do you by any chance have similar for super powers?



Hartati Medina

Fantastic resource, but the case studies for "Superpowers" is missing!




you forgot the Ethiopia/Canada case study for Water Conflicts :/ though


It's good, but for the very highest grades you need more statistics about each case study. Eg, 30% California's fresh water comes from aquifers. :-)

Anna Partridge

thank you so much! i really want to just buy you some kind of present

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