Genetic Engineering

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Genetic Engineering- Is the deliberate
manipulation of the genes of an
organism in order to improve it.
Embryo Research- Describes research
that scientists conduct on embryos.
Human life is created by god and is
sacred. It should be protected against
·The embryo is an innocent human
being. Taking life is wrong `You shall
not murder'.
ARGUMENTS FOR Hybrid Embryo- Is a mixture of Somatic Cell Therapy-
· A human embryo is both human and animal tissue. Uses adult stem cells to repair
important but not as ARGUMENTS FOR or replace a defective gene
important as a human · It could bring medical within the body. Somatic cell
cures to diseases and help
being. Research up to 14 therapy can be used to treat
others. Jesus was a healer. Not
days is acceptable. all Christians believe that life
Embryo research could starts at conception therefore Christianity FOR
bring medical cures which Most Christians are in favour
might see experimenting up to
will help those with terrible 14 days acceptable. for this because Jesus was a
ARGUMENTS AGAINST healer and that there is
It seen as wrong to tamper nothing wrong with using
with God's plan for nature- adult stem cells to correct
God created human and nature and heal sick people
animals in different ways. `love your neighbour'.
God made humans `in his own

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Designer Babies- Babies Against Designer Babies Saviour Siblings- When a
whose characteristics are It might involve child is suffering from a
chosen by their parents. destruction of embryos serious condition that
FOR: If a parent has a with the `wrong features'.…read more


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