Christianity Genetic Engineering Questions

Questions on genetic engineering

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Genetic Engineering
1) What is genetic engineering?
2) What is embryo research?
3) Describe what Christians think about embryo research.
4) What is a hybrid embryo?
5) What do Christians think about hybrid embryo?
6) What is somatic cell therapy?
7) Give reasons why Christians are in favour for somatic cell therapy.
8) What are designer babies?
9) Explain why Christians are in favour for designer babies?
10) Why are Christians against designer babies?
11) What are saviour siblings?
12) Explain what Christians think about saviour siblings?
13) Do you think it is right for parents to choose which babies they want?

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Give two quotes for genetic engineering.…read more


Miss KHP

Lots of questions to help you with revision of genetic engineering.

For AQA.

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