Genesis 1

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Genesis 13
Fundamental Xtians
The Bible is the actual word of God and therefore literally true
Liberal Xtians
The Bible is a collection of writings that reflect the author's beliefs about God and the time
they were written
Place it in its historical context (Sitz im Leben) to better understand its meaning and
message it's conveying
Sitz im Leben of Genesis 1
Composed during Jews exile in the latter
6th Century BCE to Babylonia
Strikingly similar to Babylonian Creation myth Emuna Elish ­ i.e. six periods of time
followed by rest
Intended to bring a message of meaning and comfort for those `unable to sing the Lord's
song in a foreign land'
Main features of Genesis 13
Creation ex nihilo
The world is created out of a formless chaos. Order is installed on the macro and
micro scale.
Creation occurs over 6 days
Days 13 `Realms'
Day 1: Light/Day, Day 2: Sky/Seas, Day 3: Land/Oceans/Plants
Days 46 `Inhabitants'
Day 4: Sun/Moon, Day 5: Birds/Fish, Day 6: Land creatures/Man
Creation is pronounced `good' after each day
All forms of life were created `according to their kinds'
The culmination of creation is Man (as in the Enuma Elish)
Men and women are created `in the image of God'
They are blessed and told to be `fruitful and increase in numbers'
They are given dominion over all living creatures
The Universe is created so that human life can flourish
Suffering is brought into the World at the fall (Genesis 23)
Adam and Eve are driven out of the Garden of Eden and away from God after
eating fruit from the tree of knowledge of good & evil
The creation story climaxes with the Sabbath on the 7th day
God blesses creation and makes it holy
God creates through his fiat (willing)
`Let there be...'

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Main features of a literal/symbolic interpretation
The Universe is separate from but wholly dependent on God for its existence
The creation of the Universe is intentional and in accordance to His plan
Creation has a definite purpose
This is to create living beings he can have a relationship with
He inaugurates his covenant along with his blessing, and makes man God's
representative on Earth
It is ordered .…read more

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