Science vs Religion

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  • Origins of the universe
    • Origins of life
      • Theories
        • Evolution
          • Darwin believed humans evolved by variation and survival and that order was not necessarily evidence of design
        • Genesis accuracy
      • Ways of reconciling God as creator
        • Progressive creationism
          • Takes each day of the creation story as a long period of time, this view would accept micro-evolution
        • Theistic evolution
          • Takes the genesis story as religious or theological rather than accurate and evolution is seen as the mechanism God used to bring about life and humans
        • Intelligent design
          • Michael Behe contructed this argument to attack Darwinism
          • the idea that the universe must have a designer rather than a result of change
            • This is where irreducible complexity comes in = the idea that organisms are too complex to evolve without an unevolved intelligence
    • Theories
      • The Big Bang
        • Some 13.7 billion years ago there was an event called the big bang and before nothing existed. Discovered by Edwin Hubble in the 1920s - stars becoming redder further away from earth..
          • Consistent with Einsteins's gravity theory
      • Creationism
      • Genesis accuracy
    • Ways of reconciling God as creator
      • Framework interpretation
        • Genesis 1 was provided as theology of creation but was not to be taken in a literal sense
      • Progressive creationism
        • Each day in the creation week represents a long time, millions even billions years. GODS TIME IS NOT THE SAME AS OUR TIME
      • Gap theory
        • There is a gap between the two distinct creations on earth [genesis 1 and genesis 2]


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