Attributes of God for OCR philosophy of religion course

The attributes of God found in Creation stories 1 and 2 , also Job 38 and Psalm 8

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Attribute/type Creation story 1 Creation story Job 38 Psalm 8
of God 2
Creatio ex-nihilo Genesis 1:1 Genesis 2:5 Job 38:4-5 Psalm 8:3
`In the beginning `No shrub of the `I made the `When I look at the
God created the field had yet world...I decided sky, which you
heavens and the appeared on the how large it would have made'
earth' earth and no plant be'
Genesis 1:2 of the field had yet
`Now the earth was sprung'
formless and empty'
Master craftsman Genesis 1:1 Genesis 2:7 Psalm 8:3
`In the beginning `The Lord God ` the moon
God created the formed the man and stars, which
heavens and the from the dust of you set in their
earth' the ground' places'
Transcendent Genesis 1:2 Job 38:2 Psalm 8:5
`the spirit of God `Who are you to `You made him
was hovering over question my inferior only to
the waters' wisdom with your yourself'
ignorant, empty
Immanent Genesis 1:26 Genesis 2:21-22 Job 38:6 Psalm 8:2
`Let us make man in `God caused the `Who holds up all `You stop anyone
our image, in our man to fall into a the pillars that who opposes you'
likeness' deep sleep...the support the earth?
Lord God made a Who laid the
woman from the corner-stone of the
rib he had taken' world?'
Omnibenevolent Genesis 1:10 Genesis 2:18 Job 38:23 Psalm 8:5
`God saw that it was `It is not good for `I keep the snow `You crowned him
good' the man to be and hail.I keep with glory and
Genesis 1:22 alone.I will make a them ready for honour'
`God blessed them' helper suitable for times of trouble'
Omnipotent Genesis 1:3 Genesis 2:7 Job 38: 12 Psalm 8:1
`And God said, Let `The Lord God `Job, have you `O Lord, our Lord,
there be light, and formed the man ever in your life your greatness is
there was light' from the dust of commanded a day seen in all the
the ground' to dawn?' world!'
Omniscient Genesis 1:25 Genesis 2:17 Job 38:33
`God made the wild `you must not eat `Do you know the
animals according from the tree of laws that govern
to their kinds' knowledge of the skies? And can
good and evil, for you make them
when you eat of it apply to the
you will surely die' earth?'
Omnipresent Genesis 1:2 Job 38:24 Psalm 8:1
`the spirit of God `Have you been to `your greatness is
was hovering over the place where seen in all the
the waters' the sun comes world!'
up?or the place
from which the
ease wind blows?'

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