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How science works ideal answers/how to answers
Enzymes induced fit:
Active site is not complementary
Active site is flexible
So that the E-S complexes can form
Enzymes Lock and Key model:
Enzyme/active site doesn't change shape
Enzyme and substrate fit like lock and key
Competitive Inhibitor
Similar structure/shape
Competes for inhibition of active site
Less E-S substrates Formed
Why are the **** valves open
The pressure below it is greater the that in front of it
The importance of the AVN Node delay
To allow the atria to empty/ventricles to fill
Explain how after training athlete had a lower resting heart rate after training
Increased heart volume
Cardiac output I the same
Increased stroke volume
What is unsaturated/saturated?
Does the data show that the factor causes the disease
The graph shows a _______ correlation
Correlation does not mean causation
May be due to another factor
Why does the student blot the cylinder dry?
Water will affect the mass of the cylinder
AS so the amount of water on the cylinders is the same
Why did the student have his results in percentage/ratio rather than mass?
Allows for comparison
The idea that the cylinders have different start/end masses
Why are repeats important?
Allows for anomalies to be identified
Makes the mean more reliable
How to find the water potential of the cylinders
Plot the results and a line of best fit, where this goes through the x-axis
or = 1/no change in mass this is the water potential of the cylinders
Why did they use healthy volunteers?
So they have normal functions
Ethical argument: treatment could harm unhealthy volunteers
Why were the groups randomly chosen
As to avoid biased
Why have a control group
To ensure the results are not due to other substances
Describe Gas exchange pathway
Through alveolus epithelium, then through capillary endo/epithelium
How does ventilation maintain the concentration gradient?

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Inspiration brings in higher concentration oxygen
Expiration removes lower oxygen concentration air.…read more

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By carrier proteins
Using atp
What are the CONS of oral drugs?
Could be broken down by enzymes
Molecules may be too large for absorption
Why might a booster be given?
To ensure memory cells have be produced
What is in ORS?
Water-sodium-glucose-potassium-other ions
Flagellum/circular DNA/70s ribosomes/Plasmid
Membrane bound organelles/80s ribosomes/linear DNA
Differences between Active transport and facilitated diffusion
AT use ATP/Carrier proteins/against concentration gradient
Passive/channel proteins/with concentration gradient
How to kill bacteria
Boil them/place in solution of very low water potential
Function of…read more


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