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How science works ideal answers/how to answers
Enzymes induced fit:
Active site is not complementary
Active site is flexible
So that the E-S complexes can form
Enzymes Lock and Key model:
Enzyme/active site doesn't change shape
Enzyme and substrate fit like lock and key
Competitive Inhibitor
Similar structure/shape
Competes for…

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Inspiration brings in higher concentration oxygen
Expiration removes lower oxygen concentration air.
Evaluate the conclusion that the disease takes long time to develop
Long time between event and cases
There are fluctuations
Correlation does not mean causation/other causes
Unknown baseline
How do additional readings improve reliability?
Allows or anomalies to…

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By carrier proteins
Using atp
What are the CONS of oral drugs?
Could be broken down by enzymes
Molecules may be too large for absorption
Why might a booster be given?
To ensure memory cells have be produced
What is in ORS?
Water-sodium-glucose-potassium-other ions
Flagellum/circular DNA/70s ribosomes/Plasmid
Membrane bound…


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