Metabolism, Carbohydrates and Proteins - MSN Style

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-By MSN style, I mean literally - I wrote this in an MSN conversation to help out a friend who lost their textbook ages ago. (I'm clearly captain awesome;-) )-

Squish says

:c im so screwed for tomorrows biology and chemistry

Captain Awesome says

me too:L

I opened an exam paper just now

don't know any of the answers...

Squish says

chemistry i've kinda just accepted defeat

but i want to do well in biology

would help if i had the book

Captain Awesome says

yeah, I was talking about biolog-

oh dear:L

Wanna do some with me over msn?:L

Squish says

 yes um?

Captain Awesome says


We'll start from the beginning!:3


(Sounds riveting)

Captain Awesome says

Okay, so basically we have to know what biological molecules are in organisms, and what they do

which sounds complicated, but it's not


Biological molecules (or the key ones, anyway) are carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and nucleic acids

Squish says

uh huh!

can that be all  it should be that easy

Captain Awesome says

So carbs are for energy storage and supply; sometimes structure

lipids are for membranes (lol didn't know that), energy supply, thermal insulation (aka why fat people can survive in the arctic, see brainiac), protective layers (aka padding), electrical insulation in neurones (lol what) and some hormones

Squish says


Captain Awesome says

Proteins are for structure, transport, enzymes, antibodies and most hormones

Nucleic acids carry (and this is straight out of the book, no lie) 'Instructions for life'

Squish says

 right right

Captain Awesome says

30% Of cells are made up of these... chemically things

70% is water, which can sometimes be called a biological molecule because it's important to our life - We're 70% of it after all

Squish says

indeed we are

Captain Awesome says

If you have a low amount of fibre in your diet (which is kinda random, why is it mentioned here?), you can develop intestine cancer, ect, so low fibre in your diet is a risk factor

and a risk factor is a factor that increases your chance of developing a certain disease

Squish says

uh huh  and if you eat loads of fibre you poop more   sorry i made myself laugh

Captain Awesome says


I did geniunely laugh then:L

My mum thinks i'm weird


Squish says

yes um 

Captain Awesome says

Metabolism is all of the chemical reactions that happen in an organism - which can be a animal... or not

simple enough...

if the metabolic reaction breaks things into smaller things, it's a catabolic reaction

so like a catalyst

like digestion

okay, I understand that...

then some **** about carbon that we already know from chem!


Squish says

can we revise dna replication later pwease

Captain Awesome says



Urgh, this looks boring

Blah blah blah, stuff about simple covalent bonding that we already know

Okay; here we go

Squish says

is this going to talk about primary


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