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Exam Command Words
Helps you understand the question if you know
what they're asking…read more

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Name/what is the name
This usually requires a technical term or its equivalent.
Answers to this type of question normally involve no
more than one or two words.…read more

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A number of features or points, each often no more
than a single word, with no further elaboration or
detail required.…read more

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Define/what do you
understand by the term...
"Define" requires a statement giving the meaning of a
particular term. "What do you understand by the
term....?" is used more frequently as it emphasises
that a formal definition as such is not required.…read more

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Outline/comment on
A brief summary of the main points. The best guide to the
amount of detail required lies in the mark allocations;
approximately 1-1½ mins. should be allowed per mark.
This generally works out at around two or three lines in a
standard answer-booklet for each mark.…read more

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Use of qualitative or quantitative information to show
understanding of a statement, or of a relationship
between factors.…read more

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