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Interpreting graphs
Easier than interpreting dreams and
probably more meaningful…read more

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How important is it for me to be able
to do this?
· In Jan 2009 Unit 1 14 out of 80 marks were for
interpreting graphs.
· In June 2010 Unit 1 20 out of 80 marks were
for interpreting graphs.
· Typically 4-5 extra marks will improve your
result by a grade.…read more

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First rule to remember
· Check ­ does the question ask you to describe
or explain the relationship between 2
· If it says describe you only say what happens
· If it says explain you need to say why it
happens…read more

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Second rule
· In any question asking you to describe the
relationship shown in a graph remember to do
3 things
· 1. Describe the general trend
· 2. Put in some specific detail.
· 3. Do a `manipulation of figures' ­ in other
words a sum.…read more

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Lets apply the rules to this question
that asks `describe the changes in lung
cancer rates between 1920 and 1975…read more

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General trend
· There is a mark for stating that `there was an
increase in lung cancer rates over the time
· Note ­ do not say `the graph or the line rises with
time' ­ that is not saying what the lung cancer
rates are doing.
· Do read the question ­ you do not need to say
anything about cigarette smoking for this part of
the answer.…read more

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