gcse geography: sustainability

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what is sustainbility living?

sustainable living is living in a way which meets people's needs without damaging the environment. But not reducing the ability of people in the future to meet thier needs.

urban areas need to become more sustainable an they can become more sustainable by:

Using Renewable Energy

renewable energy resources do not emit or use carbon dioxide. Bedzed is a sustainable development in London .Renewable energy resouces such as solar panels which uses solar energy providing heated water. Bedzed uses tree waste and the residents don;t travel far to get to work and also they have a working space where they live in.

Energy efficient

Bedzed have a 30cm cavity wall insulation in which they don't need to use central heating system. They have A-rated applainces such as washing machines and fridges. They have low energy efficient light bulbs…




Accurate information. However, the lack of capital letters and the odd grammatical mistake makes it a little hard to read. Other than that, nice work :)

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