GCSE Geography Case Study - Coasts - Wallasea Wetlands

This is a Case Study on the the Wallasea Wetlands Creation Project in Essex, it's part of the coasts module and is very useful in the exam! I made the powerpoint to revise and I hope it's useful to you too!

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Wallasea Wetlands creation
scheme, Essex
GCSE Geography Case Study…read more

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Wallasea Island is situated on the Essex coastline, between the crouch and
roach estuaries.…read more

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Background Information
The area had been protected by a sea wall in the
past, and the land behind was used for farming,
however ­ by 2004 it was in a poor state of repair
and was on the brink of collapse. Rebuilding the
wall was not seen a good option, with sea levels
on the rise, other areas would be at risk as a
rebuilt sea wall could funnel water upstream.
Managed retreat (realignment) was thought as
the best option for the area.…read more

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How was the scheme carried out?
A new sea wall was built inland of the existing coastline.
An earth bund was built to separate salt water from
fresh, creating two separate environments.
Some artificial islands were created to provide nesting
places for birds.
700,000 tonnes of mud was pumped onto the area to
make up the new salt marsh.
In the June of 2006 the final landscaping took place and
the old sea walls were breached, this allowed the sea to
flood the newly created landscape.…read more

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Has the scheme worked?
A monitoring programme is being carried out to
asses the effects of the scheme, which is
estimated to be completed near 2019. Meanwhile
the man made salt marsh is once again a natural
haven for wetland birds.…read more


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