GCSE Geography Module 1 (coasts) revision

This is a revision powerpoint I made in order to put all the things we had been taught for our first geography exam on coasts together. It is split into sections to make it more manageable, but these can be ignored. There are a lot of case studies but you shouldn't need to know them all, but they are useful for referring to in answers. Generally, if you have a good idea of most of this powerpoint you should be ok!

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Section 1 revision
Key Ideas
Coastal areas are multi use areas,
which provide opportunities for a
number of human activities
Coastal areas can provide the
stimulus for economic development…read more

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Link coastal Coast roads
Donkey rides Shopping settlements and railways
Swimming Beach Sightseeing Transport
Rock pools
Tourism Land trains Flat land near
Sunbathing coast
The sea
Recreational Boat trips Wildlife
Coastal walks
Arcades Inter-tidal zone Cliffs
Tidal and wind power
Why Coasts? Factories
Oil/ chemical plants
Stone + minerals
Resource 60% world
Rock Easy transportation
Extraction population live on
Crude Oil Travelled by 1st point of contact
Sand boats before cars with new land
Crude Oil Settlements
Good Flat land on coast
Industry, e.g.
fishing…read more

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Attracts walkers World famous sailing
and birdwatchers resorts
Used by local and
international sailors
River Hamble Lymington + Cowes
Nature conservation
Marinas+ boat area Marinas, sailing clubs, hotels,
building/ repairs camping and caravan sites
Swimming, kite Popular
surfing and fishing recreational
area Water Range of water
based activities
Lepe Country Calshot Activity
Park Centre
Beach, cliffs and D-Day Hampshire 800
One of largest outdoor
remains Wildlife Trust hectares
activity centres in UK
important for Nature Reserve
migrating birds
Recreation and
Mudflats and salt education
marshes…read more

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Deep water frontage so large
tankers can dock Largest Southern
2000 hectares England city
2000 Exxon Mobil Major container Centre for marine
ships a port research, education
year Oil Refinery 3000
and technology
Largest in UK 25million
workers Southampton
Regional shopping
tonnes of oil centre
Pop. 250 000 sailing area
1km harbour frontage
Water One of largest in
Sheltered, deep water Ideally located for
harbour Europe
shipping routes to Produces paints,
Middle and Far east adhesives and rubber
Rail freight terminal
Port of
Southampton Fawley Chemical
Good rail links to rest 2nd largest container Plant
of UK port in UK
Flat site and deep
Vehicle shipment terminal, handling water frontage
agricultural imports and raw materials, 3 cruise terminal
link to fertilizer processing plant and handling 200+ ships a
glass recycling facility year…read more

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One of 7 UAE states - 2nd largest 18th Century Fishing/ pearl village
19th/20th Century trading partner with Iran and India
90% population expatriates
Ruled by a Sheikh Centre for gold smuggling until 1980's
In 1960 population 20 000
Hot and dry, outside city is desert
1966 oil discovered, Dubai developed with new wealth.
Worlds largest
Dubai 2006 population 1million
Dubai Mall Worlds tallest building
750 000 Biotechnology research and Burj Dubai
visitors weekly 1200 shops development centre (Dubiotech)
Technology Burj Al Arab
Goods imported
without taxation Dubai Media City Dubai Internet City 7 stars
Tallest hotel
(CNN) (Microsoft)
Jebel Ali Free
Trade Zone High food hygiene and The Creek- historical
water quality buildings
Gulf states
Connects Public and private Parties and Culture
easily to Bars Cultural village
East Africa South Asia Entertainment capital of the
Middle East…read more

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Beautiful coastline with white One of Brazils poorest
sand and palm trees states Often have droughts
Attributes Problems
75km north of Salvador Low income and few jobs
Costa do Sauípe and Praia
do Forte
15year development plan New international airport,
AIM: to create economic opportunities and bringing tourist from Europe
improve living conditions for locals and North America
US$2billion Solutions
US$400million Hotels and resorts
for tourism…read more

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