GCSE French: Conversations: Education & Work

My french tutor has given me several sheets of questions that could come up in the conversation part of the speaking exam. And they are helpful, it's nice to have a pre-made response and all that :-) So I've put some starting points below each question (and the english translation too). Enjoy.

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General Conversation Practice: Education et travail
I can't guarantee that any of these questions will actually come up
in the exam, but you should have a pre-made answer for each one
so there isn't any nasty surprises, preferably something that could
be used for multiple questions.
I'm going to be sort of nice and give you random pieces of an
answer, but not all of it. But you could then construct your own
awesome answer from the bits I give you. All the adjectives and so
on will be fairly basic, so use some more interesting ones damnit.
I'm tired, I can't think of unusual adjectives...and as often as
possible use a conjugated verb and then an infinitive ­ such as
j'aime lire (I like to read).
Décris ton collège. Tu aimes le collège? Pourquoi (pas)?
(Describe your school. Do you like your school? Why (not)?)
Mon collège est un grand bâtiment en métal et verre.
(My college is a big building made of metal and glass.)
C'est étroit, haut, vieux, moche, beau, nouveau
(It is narrow, high, old, ugly, beautiful, new) (these are the masc.
forms by the way, so they all agree with collège).
Les professeurs sont gentil / sympa, utiles, ennuyeux, stupides.
(The teachers are nice, useful, boring, stupid.)
À mon avis c'est...
(In my opinion it is...)
Je pense que...
(I think that...)
Il y a une bibliothèque, un bureau, une cantine, une cour, les
(There is a library, an office, a canteen, a playground, science
J'adore ça!

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I love it!)
Je déteste ça!
(I hate it!)
C'est affreux, difficile, facile, ennuyeux, sensass, interéssante.
(It is awful, difficult, easy, boring, fantastic, interesting) (all are
Décris ta journée typique.
(Describe your typical day)
Je me léve á... heures.
(I get up at... o'clock)
Pour mon petit déjeuner je prends...
(For my breakfast I have...)
Je pars á... heures.
(I leave at... o'clock)
J'arrive au collège á... heures.
(I arrive at school at... o'clock)
Les cours commencent/finissent á... heures
(The lessons start/finish at...…read more

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Je lis
(I read)
Je vais au lit á...heures.
(I got to bed at...o'clock)
Quelles matières fais-tu au collège?
(Which subjects do you do at school?)
Je fais...
(I do...)
(I study...)
(I am learning...…read more

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Car / parce que je pense que c'est...
(Because I think that it is...)
Utiles / facile / formidable / fantastique
(Useful / easy / awesome / fantastic)
J'aime apprendre le/la/les...
(I like to learn...)
Quels devoirs as-tu fait hier soir?
(What homework did you do last night?)
J'ai écrit un essai sur...
(I wrote an essay about...)
J'ai fait...
(I did...)
J'ai fini...
(I finished...)
J'ai lu...
(I read...)
J'ai commencé...
(I started...…read more

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Décris ton uniforme scolaire. Tu aimes porter l'uniforme?
(Describe your school uniform. Do you like wearing it?)
Je ne porte pas l'uniforme scolaire.
(I don't wear school uniform)
Je déteste porter l'uniforme scolaire.
(I hate wearing school uniform)
J'aime porter l'uniforme scolaire.
(I like wearing school uniform)
Je veux porter l'uniforme scolaire
(I want to wear school uniform)
Je pense que / á mon avis...
(I think that / in my opinion...…read more

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I answered / replied to emails)
J'y ai travaillé pendant...
(I worked there for...…read more

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As-tu un petit boulot/emploi?
(Do you have a job?)
J'ai un travail à mi-temps
(I've got a part time job)
Je gagne... par heure
(I earn... per hour)
Ce n'est pas bien payé
(It is not well paid)
C'est bien payé.
(It is well paid)
Je suis sans emploi
(I am without employment)
Je veux un petit job si je peux economiser de l'argent pour...
(I want a job so I can save up money for...)
Je préférerais travailler comme / devenir...…read more

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Aussi, je voudrais trouver un petit job.
(Also, I would like to find a job)
And that, is the basics of education and work.…read more



A great list of questions and phrases about school life and work. This would be useful for students of all grades.


this didn't help my Italian work thanks anyway

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