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Themes in A View from the Bridge

There are many different types of love between many different characters; this is what causes most
of the conflict in the play. The different types are shown in the table below:

Type of Love Characters
Family love This type of love is…

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Themes in A View from the Bridge

Love causes conflict within Eddie as he battles his feelings for Catherine, he cannot admit them
It also causes conflict throughout much of the play- most of it verbal- between Eddie and Rodolfo,
Eddie does not want Rodolfo to take Catherine out, and…

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Themes in A View from the Bridge

There is a lot of conflict between the community laws and the American laws in the play

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Themes in A View from the Bridge


Definition of honour: `high respect, as for worth, merit, or rank'
Codes of honour bind families and the community together, to betray someone is the most
dishonourable act imaginable
It is clear that Eddie and Beatrice that Vinny Bolzano did the wrong…

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Themes in A View from the Bridge


Eddie has a narrow view of what he considers manliness, anything which is slightly different from the
norm is not manly- this is reflected in his views on Rodolfo
Eddie is the man of the household and he lays down the rules,…


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