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Eddie Carbone
Meeting with Alfieri
End of act 1 - teaches Rodolfo to fight, tension with Marco
When he calls the Immigration Office
End - death
'It's too short, ain't it...you're walkin' wavy' - First appears to be very protective of
Catherine. Doesn't want other men to see her.…read more

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Betrayal and Loyalty
Introduction: Miller chose to write the play in the style of a Greek tragedy. Betrayal lies at
the heart of these plays, showing that the theme of Betrayal and Loyalty is at the centre of 'A
View From The Bridge'. Through the use of various techniques - such as the story of Vinny
Bolzano and the relationships between characters - Miller presents this theme as one of the
most important in the play.…read more

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Catherine and Beatrice's relationship
'You're gonna come with me!' 'I can't Katie'
even though Beatrice wants to be with Catherine when she gets married, she has to
stay loyal to Eddie. Even though B. isn't betraying Catherine, she's choosing Eddie
over her - letting C down
Beatrice's loyalty to Eddie
'My B.'
Finally, at then when Eddie is dying, he realises it is B he loves and should be loyal to,
not C.…read more

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The narrator, or chorus, like in a greek tragedy
He intersects at different points during the play to give information.…read more

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R+C is natural, and if he does anything to stop
it would go against him
The law is 'in a book...…read more

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'Catherine enters with plates' - shows how she is domesticated
'she's got a job' wants to grow up - wants to be different from Beatrice and break away
- sign to eddie that she's growing up
'why didn't you ask me before you took the job?' - Eddie expects to be consulted before
she does anything - Catherine wants to be more independent - becoming more detached
from Eddie
'She hurries out' (to get the cigar)
-maybe she feels awkward or embarrassed so…read more

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before kisses 'I think I can't stay here no more' - ready to move away
she 'tears' at Eddie's face - angry, shocked
'i'm going with him [Rodolfo]' - shows where her loyalty lies
worsened opinion of eddie
'this rat'
-when you 'rat' on something, give someone away
-dirty, diseased, unpleasant
'he bites people when they sleep'
-spreading the infection, takes people when they are unaware, unable to protect
-doesn't him as being worth anything
at the end, when eddie dies, catherine apologises…read more

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Has an important role:
-motherly attitude to Catherine
-loyal wife
-typical woman
-spectator - has 'A view from the bridge' - tries to settle things - mediator/peacekeeper
Typical woman of the time
house wife - 'I didn't even buy a new tablecloth', proud of her home, wants to present it well
doesn't have a job, husband leaves for work
social historical context of role of the women in '50s..…read more

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As a mediator
'go...…read more


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