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Gas-Liquid Chromatography
(GLC)…read more

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What is chromatography?
· Used to separate a mixture of substances
· A number of different techniques, for
­ Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC)
­ Gas-Liquid Chromatography (GLC)
· This PowerPoint will explain Gas-Liquid
Chromatography…read more

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How does GLC work?
· A gas is used to carry the substances through
a column (tube) lined with a liquid
· The substances travel through the column at
different speeds ­ they separate
· The time taken for the different substances to
reach the detector is called the retention time
· The retention time can be used to identify the
different substances…read more

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Key terms
· Stationary Phase
­ The material that isn't moving (the liquid coating)
· Mobile Phase
­ The material that isn't moving and carrying the
substances (the gas)…read more

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Gas Chromatograph
(Click on the different areas to see what happens)…read more

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· The mobile phase is set to
flow at a constant rate.
The gas used is inert
(unreactive) for example:
­ Nitrogen
­ Helium
· The mixture that is being
analysed is injected into
the gas chromatograph
where it is vaporised
· The carrier gas flushes the
mixture through the
Return to gas
chromatograph…read more

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