OCR A A2 Chemistry Module 3 Unit 1 Definitions

Definitions from the Key Definition boxes of the OCR A A2 Chemistry textbook.

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Unit 1 Rings, polymers and analysis
Module 3 Analysis
Phase ­ a physically distinctive form of a substance, such as the solid, liquid, and gaseous states of
ordinary matter
Mobile phase ­ the phase that moves in chromatography
Stationary phase ­ the phase that does not move in chromatography
Absorption ­ process by which a solid holds molecules of a gas or liquid or solute as a thin film on
the surface of a solid or, more rarely, a liquid
Chromatogram ­ a visible record showing the result of separation of the components of a mixture
by chromatography
Rf ­ distance moved by component
distance moved by solvent front
Retention time ­ in gas chromatography is the time for a component to pass from the column
inlet to the detector
Chemical shift, ­ a scale that compares frequency of an NMR absorption with the frequency of
the reference peak of TMS at = 0 ppm
Spin-spin coupling ­ the interaction between spin states of non-equivalent nuclei that results in a
group of peaks in an NMR spectrum


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