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Mark scheme: Psychology:
Health and Clinical:

a. Outline one way (e.g. classification system) in which dysfunctional
behaviour can be categorised [10]

The specification suggests classification systems to categorise dysfunctional behaviour,
such as the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual now in its revised fourth edition (DSMIVR) or
the International Classification of…

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are competent and understanding is good.
1215 marks ­ Many evaluative points covering a range of issues. The argument is
competently organised, balanced and well developed. The answer is explicitly related to the
context of the question. There is effective use of examples. Valid conclusions that effectively
summarise issues and…

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band. This improves to a more accurate if somewhat limited response a more detailed or
broader response and at the top level a more developed and/or elaborated response
containing specifically in relation to dysfunctional behaviour and in response to the `to what
extent' demand of the question.
811 marks ­…

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The Biological approach includes brain physiology, biochemical, genetic or evolutionary
explanations. Many issues may be brought to bear in evaluating the extent to which the
Biological approach provides an explanation of criminal behaviour. The Biological
approach is often given in conjunction with other approaches and this may point to a…

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approaches as well as in terms of evaluative issues. For example, the depth and
richness of data is superior in the qualitative approach. Quantitative data is easier to
record, easier and clearer to analyse and more objective.
An attempt to address the question or a highly superficial discussion would constitute…


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