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Functionalists View On
Natasha…read more

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Functionalists Views
Believes that education helps to meet societies
needs and Helps to maintain society as a
The French sociologist Durkheim explained two
main functions of education
- Creating Social Solidarity
- Teaching specialist skills…read more

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Creating Social Solidarity
· This means that education provides a sense of belonging to
each individual. They feel as though they are part of a
community. This is essential for social life and co operation
as without social solidarity each individual would be
involved in their own selfish needs.
· Education promotes social solidarity by transmitting
societies culture. Its shared belief and values from
generation to the next.
· Also school acts a miniature society it helps individual to
understand and accept the expectations of society and how
to socialise adequately. This can then be applied to the
wider world and how to behave and act when we're
entering the working world.…read more

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Specialist Skills
· The educational institution also teaches how
to gain specialist skills.
· The individuals who gain different types of
specialist skills will then be able to contribute
the social division of labour.…read more

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Parsons: Meritocracy
· Believe that education provides a bridge from the family way of
living to the way in which society runs, how to act within the
wider society, as both operate with different principles.
· Also within the home status is ascribed and given at birth.
Whereas within school status can be achieved through hard work
and determined whether an individual pass's or fail's.
· The meritocracy system applied both in a workplace and school
and so it provides the individual the taste of how wider society
will function for e.g. In a workplace place we will achieve a
promotion if we work hard and the sack if we do not. Similarly in a
school if we work hard we will get good grades and if not we will
· Parsons believes that everyone gets an equal opportunity and
individuals gain reward through their own hard work and effort.…read more

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Davis and Moore: Role Allocation
· They argue that the educational system `sifts and sorts' individual
so they can achieve to the best of their ability.
· The education system helps individuals to allocate what their
future jobs will be and what they are best suited to.
· He does believe that the education system can be un fair but says
that this is very important as if anyone, without the skills and
ability, gets access to the high paid jobs, such as surgeon and
pilot, they it would be dangerous. So the most important jobs are
filled with the most talented people.
· Not everyone is equally talented so that is why there is a higher
rewards for higher jobs. This encourages everyone to compete
and only those with the bests skills are chosen.
· Education plays as the proving ground and it allows individuals to
show what they can do. The meritocracy education system does
this best.…read more

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