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Functionalism and subcultural
theories…read more

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Functions of deviance
· Durkheim (1895) identified two different
sides to crime. One positive and one
· The positive side of crime is that it helped
society to change and remain dynamic
· The negative side is that too much crime
would lead to a poorer quality of society…read more

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Positive aspects of crime
· Durkheim outlined three ways in which
crime benefits society…read more

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Reaffirming the boundaries
· When someone is caught breaking the law
and is taken to court and successfully
prosecuted, the reporting of this makes
people more aware and respectful of the
law.…read more

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Changing Values
· In a minority of cases when someone is
charged with a crime, the public may feel
sorry for them. The public outrage can
lead to a change in the law that reflects
the change in values.…read more

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Negative aspects of crime
· Whilst crime may have positive affects on
society, Durkheim also outlined the negative
· His most famous concept was anomie
· Durkheim believed that society was based on
people sharing common values (the collective
· Anomie was the breakdown of this collective
conscience in times of social stress…read more

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