Functionalist Explanations of Crime and Deviance

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  • Functionalist Explanations of Crime and Devience
    • DURKHEIM  argued that all societies face major problems
      • How to achieve social order
        • This is no easy task, because there are unique individuals, with there own interests
          • How to maintain social stability
          • DURKHEIM saw this through the collective conscious where society members agree on common expectations on behavior
            • One way is to reinforce the collective conscious is to challenge and test its fundamental beliefs through BAD behavior
              • He saw it as a normal part of everyday life
      • How to maintain social stability
    • Neo-Functionalist Tierney (2005)
      • Notes that crime and device is social fact
        • If these things are found in a "average" society it must be normal
          • Thus supporting Durkheim's views that crime is normal
    • A limited amount of crime and deviance are therefore necessary and inevitable
      • However to much crime would be bad for society
      • But it forms a number of necessary  functions


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