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Fullerenes are a class of allotropes of carbon. They are structured
into balls, cages and tubes made entirely of carbon atoms.
Allotropes are forms of elements that exist in the same state of
matter but their atoms are arranged in different patterns
resulting in different properties.
Diamond, Graphite and fullerenes are all allotropes of carbon.
Fullerenes are examples of giant molecular structures and as
such have high boiling and melting points.…read more

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The Buckminster fullerene is one example of a fullerene and is molecularly 60
carbon atoms arranged in a sphere.…read more

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Nanotubes are structures of hexagonal atoms that connect to form a cylindrical shape. All
nanotubes measure one nanometer in width but can be any length. They natural,
cylindrical fullerenes but scientists are now able to form them in labs.
Nanotubes have so far been used to make super-small computer processors and low-
resistance circuitry. Scientists believe future possibilities could include tiny
supercomputers to even tinier, super-efficient batteries, to more efficient solar panels to
paper-thin materials that can stop a bullet.
Nanotubes are much stronger than graphite, for example, due to their rolled up structure.
They are very strong and electrical conductors.…read more

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1 As Super conductors at 10-40K.
2 As lubricants.
3 In Industrial catalysts.
4 Drug delivery systems(in cancer therapy).
5 in photo diodes & photo voltaic cells.
6 Carbon nanotubes
7 In materials such as tennis rackets…read more

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