New Materials:Nanoparticles



Nanoparticles are really really small. Nanoparticles contain fullerenes. These are molecules of carbon, shaped like hollow balls. The carbon atoms are arranged in hexagonal rings.

Fullerenes can be joined together to form nanotubes. Nanotubes contain covalent bonds which makes the carbon nanotubes very strong.

Nanotubes can help to make new industrial catalysts.

Nanomedicine: The idea that tiny fullerenes are absorbed more easily by the body than most particles. This meams that they can deliver drugs directly into the cells where they are needed.

They can also be used as lubricant coatings which are being developed using fullerenes. These coatings reduce friction so it is more slippery.

Nanotubes conduct electricity, and so they can be used in small electric circuits.

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