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"Who knows best?" ­ you decide…read more

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To understand functionalist AND marxist
views of education.
To evaluate those views.
To use sociological evidence and research
to support your judgements.…read more

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Functionalism is a consensus view of society.
Functionalists believe that society is like an
organism (organic analogy), with different
parts fulfilling different roles to ensure
survival of the whole.
Functional sociologists tend to look at the
mechanisms within society in order to
understand their functions for that society.…read more

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Emile Durkheim was one of the
founders of sociology.
He believed we need schools to
help us to feel part of society.
We learn social rules and social
roles in schools.
Schools sort out people for the
most appropriate jobs for their
skills and abilities.…read more

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Functionalist say the education system acts
as a ladder of opportunity for people to
achieve the best that they can, according to
their ability.
The best people go on to gain the best jobs
and become the leaders of their society.
This belief is known as meritocracy.…read more

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