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Verb from context English meaning
Réussi Successful
Quitté Leaves
Plus tard Later
Moyenne Average/means/way
S'arrêter Stopping
Fois Times
Dit Said
Aujourd'hui Today/nowadays
Va bientôt faire Will soon be
Non sans Not without
Vont Go/will
Tomber Fall
Chaleur Heat
Prenant Taking
Douches Shower
couchez vous par terre lie on the floor…

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Criaient Shouted
Prier Pray
Poids Weight
Courte Short
Attendre Wait/expect
il y avait There were
Cris Cries/shouting
Depechee Dispatched
pied du pont foot bridge
camarades Comrades/company
m'inscrire Register
Pesee Weighing
Tour Turn
Tenue Held
Poussé Pushed/driven
Ceinture Belt/girdle
Voler Fly/steal
en bas Down/at the bottom
Couru Ran
Suffit Enough

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Pleins Full
Surtout Especially/mainly
Partir From
Printemps Spring
Améliorer Improve/enhance


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