points to consider for French writing to get an a*

Please read and understand carefully treat the document as a checklist so that after you have completed your writing task you check it thoroughly using this document and if you do this properly you can get an a* this has also been recommended by a french teacher therefore it is extremely helpful.

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GCSE FRENCH-points to consider
All vocabulary should be memorised
Use perfect tense (use all of the tenses)
Use Imperfect tense
Time phrases
Modifiers (stress on a word)
Give plenty of description
Use adjectives
Comment on weather (if needed)
Include opinions
Use a range of vocabulary
Avoid repetition
Always recheck work to avoid any errors or spelling
Use "depuis"
Use negatives
Include comparatives and superlatives
Use expressions
Don't forget when,where,what
Use the pluperfect tense
Use a relative pronoun
Organise work into structured paragraphs
Present work neatly
Check all of the accents


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