France 1498-1610 - timeline

This timeline was the exam insert for the OCR legacy paper. 

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Key Theme: The Development of the Nation State: France 1498­1610
1498: Accession of Louis XII
1499: Marriage of Louis to Anne of Brittany; capture of Milan (lost 1512)
1515: Accession of Francis I; battle of Marignano and recovery of Milan (lost 1521); Briçonnet
appointed Bishop of Meaux and began diocesan reform
1516: Concordat of Bologna with Pope Leo X
1519: Bishop de Seyssel published The Great French Monarchy
1523: Rebellion by the Duke of Bourbon
1525­6: Francis I the prisoner of Charles V; the first major persecution of Protestantism
1529: Berquin burnt; the Grande Rebeyne revolt at Lyon
1532: Brittany became part of France
1534: `Day of the Placards'
1540: Normandy parlement suspended; Edict of Fontainebleau against heresy
1544­5: Massacre of Waldensians in Aix-en-Provence
1547: Accession of Henry II; creation of Chambre Ardente
1548­9: Aquitaine successfully resisted introduction of the gabelle
1551: Edict of Châteaubriand against heresy
1552: Treaty of Chambord between Henry II and German Protestants
1558: France recovered Calais
1559: Bankruptcy of French monarchy; first national synod of French reformed churches; accession of Francis II
1560: Accession of Charles IX; Catherine de Medici became regent
1562: Massacre of Vassy began French Wars of Religion (1562­3, 1567­8, 1568­70, 1572­3,1573­6, 1577, 1586­98)
1563: Assassination of the Duke of Guise
1572: Massacre of St Bartholomew's Day (over 23,000 killed across France)
1573: Hotman published Francogallia
1574: Accession of Henry III
1576: Bodin published Six Books of the Commonwealth
1584: Treaty of Joinville between the Catholic League and Spain
1585: Rebellion of the Catholic League
1588: Day of the Barricades in Paris; murders of the Guise
1589: Death of Catherine de Medici; assassination of Henry III
1590­1: Spanish invasion of France
1593: Henry IV became a catholic
1594: Coronation of Henry IV (the League recognised Mayenne as `Charles X')
1595: Henry IV declared war on Spain; Mayenne accepted Henry as king
1598: Edict of Nantes ended civil wars; Treaty of Vervins ended war with Spain

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