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· Battle of Bosworth Field
· Henry VII won the crown of England at the Battle of
Bosworth Field
1486…read more

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· France invaded Brittany
· Supported a marriage between King Charles VIII of
France and heiress Anne of Brittany
· Duke Francis died
· Young Duchess Anne looked for alliances…read more

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· Treaty of Redon
· England to provide 6,000 troops for Brittany, Duchess
Anne to pay. Morlaix and Concarnau handed over as
· Treaty of Medina del Campo
· Anglo-Spanish alliance, Arthur and Catherine engaged
· Treaty of Dordrecht
· Anglo-Burgundian alliance
· English troops arrived in Brittany…read more

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· Spanish troops arrived in Brittany
· Soon withdrawn
· Anne married Maxmilian of Burgundy
· French victory
· Duchess Anne married to King Charles VIII…read more

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· Henry begins to besiege Boulogne
· Charles VIII planning to attack Italy, seeks peace
· Treaty of Etaples
· France to pay £150,000 (£5,000 p.a.) and Henry to
withdraw troops
· Charles not to harbour Yorkist rebels, France to pay
Breton debts…read more

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