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1. Register
2. Graphology
3. Cohesion/Discourse Structure
4. Cohesion/Discourse Structure
5. Phonology
6. Pragmatics
7. Lexis
8. Grammar…read more

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· Audience ­ The relationship between the
author and the audience
· Purpose ­ The purpose of the text (e.g. Comic
Book ­ Informal)
· Field ­ Subject (Lexis)
· Form ­ Type of writing
Different registers use different techniques:
· Lexis ­ Technical Vocabulary
· Grammar ­ Register effects syntax
· Phonology ­ Word pronunciation
The young couple strolled into the play area. The moved over to
the swings to meet there friends Charles and Gabby. ` Good
Morning Charles' the young girl said in a raised tone and moved
quickly to him. The four friends then has a good time in the play
area until it was time for their dinner.
The young kids burst into the park. They ran over to their mates
on the swings, Charles and Gabby. The kid shouted towards
Charles as he sped towards them. They all then had a good time
in the park until it was time for their tea.…read more

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Graphology ­ The visual aspects of a text (layout, headings, font)
Things to consider:
1. What is the layout of the text?
2. Is part of the text eye-catching? Why?
3. Does it imitate another genre?
4. What illustrations have been used?
5. What colours have been used? Connotations?
6. What fonts have been used and what is their effect?
7. What does the size of the text or use of bold writing have to
do with effect?
8. General impression?
9. How does the context help explain graphological features?
Serif - Times New Roman
Sans-Serif - Arial
WARNING - This style of writing and colour of the text uses ideas
of danger and connote what message is being given. The text is
eye-catching to also give the connotation of danger.
Learn to ASSERT yourself ­ The assert part of the text has been
capitalised so that the audience can understand the main aspect
of the text.
Typography ­ The planning and selection of fonts for printing…read more

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Cohesion ­ To stick together
Discourse Structure ­ Different ideas in a text need to stick
together otherwise the piece wont make sense.
Anaphoric Referencing ­ Use of personal and demonstrative pronouns
referring back to something already mentioned (e.g. Ann was studying for
her English exam. She found it difficult to concentrate).
Cataphoric Referencing ­ Referencing forward, usually used when writing
for dramatic effect (e.g. Capello gave the following reasons for his
Exophoric Referencing ­ Referring to something outside the text (e.g. Its
by my boat over there).
Determiners like this, that and the show a noun has been used (e.g. A large
lorry blocked the road. The lorry had broken down).
This is when words are left out of a sentence, if earlier parts of the text
enable you to supply missing information (e.g. His jeans were stained, his
jacket was ripped and blood dripped down his face. What a state).
These connect terms together (e.g. And, because, then but, although).
They can link parts of the text together.
These connect clauses by referring to time and space.…read more

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Some different structures of texts are:
· Random Lists ­ Shopping List
· Chronological Lists ­ A recipe
· Non- Chronological Lists ­ Set of rules
· Narrative Structure (1) ­ Goldilocks + 3 bears story
· Narrative Structure (2) ­ News Report
· Narrative Structure (3) ­ Jack + Jill story
· Narrative Structure (4) ­ Episode of CSI
· Argument ­ School Essay
· Problem-Solution ­ Advertisement for health
· Desire-Fulfilment ­ Advertisement for chocolate
· Anxiety-Reassurance ­ Charity appeal
· Small Talk ­ Conversation between two friends
· Structured Interrogation ­ Interview
· The Sandwich (1) ­ School Report
· The Sandwich (2) ­ Classroom Presentation
· The tricky one ­ An apology
Topic Sentences ­ At the beginning of paragraphs to indicate
what you are going to talk about
Discourse Markers ­ Repeating words from different
paragraphs to link them together.…read more

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